*While Hekele Nakini and her kin were invited to sing their Bully Transcendence Song at the UN before the bullys descended on DC at the end of 2017, then turned away because they wouldn't stay in the hotel of one of the biggest bullies who have since tried to defame and impede their projects etc, they and their honor-able VIP elders and allies are now just a heartbeat away from transcending and transforming all that unholy hogie pogie as well, so take heart and get ready for Even more miracles proving how~

 "First they ignore you

then they laugh at you

the they fight you

then you Win"

MK Gandhi


Brothers and sisters,yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. But today is a gift...that's why it's call 'the present' and it's up to us to make the most of for the good of Earth Mother and All her children including us however is or can become possible in Each and Every mOMent. We live in a miraculous Universe and world, where our Merciful and Loving creator is striving to send us messages of encouragement via dreams, signs, feelings, family, friends and even 'strangers' day And night. The wise ones say, the fastest way to bring a miracle is to give thanks And celebrate in advance while thinking of all of the joyous ways your miracle will not only be helping you but others too. So when it's sunny...give thanks for the rainbow. When it's dark...give thanks for the stars.

Faith is the bird that sings at dawn long before it can See the sun, simply because it can feel the warmth on it's wings as the promise of a New day. Remember if we don't limit our wise and merciful Creator, he doesn't limit us....so Always strive to look on the bright side trusting and knowing that miracles Are happening Now at the speed of Light*


We welcome your questions and cOMments and look forward to supporting, inspiring and empowering you in speaking and sharing your peace however we may be of service* 

Transcendent blessings from now to Zen. For if not now; Zen when?

Due to the increasing volume of calls, we thank you for contacting us via e-mail directly first at hekele.nakini@aol.com 

whereby we will do our best to RSVP within 24 hours. You can also keep up to date on all of Hekele's new songs, meditations, and seminars  as well as receive daily messages of inspiration via~

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Either way we wish you and yours the Very Best in 2018 and beyond*

The DiplOMacy Project: Part One. Go Smudge Yourself...


Wanbli Cikala's 'peace'

" Always remember Tunkasila doesn't make mistakes. He chooses your eye color, hair color, the color of your robe and puts the memories, medicines and messages in your heart to walk the path He wants you to walk for healing, hope and peace. So if people think they know better than Him or have a problem with how He made you tell them to talk to Him cause' you're gonna be too busy walking in my footsteps, addressing the Gathering of Nations, Speaking at the United Nations and reminding the people to aim for sobriety, sovereignty and most of all to aim for peace as a peace advisor. Why else do you think me and your grandma and Floyd and Fern been referring people to you for healing since you were young? Remember not all your wisdom comes from this lifetime. You are who you are and there are elders out there just as brave as you who have known who you are since before you were even born.Tunkasila will guide you to them and them to you so you can help before the 6th whistle blows. If the coyotes want to waste precious time challenging Tunkasila's wisdom and shouting at the wind...let em' it don't matter how wise or powerful they think they are in hollywood stuff or politics stuff truth is truth and Tunkasila knows what's true so anyone trying to stand in your way by speaking false truth against you is actually trying to stand in His way which always finds a way anyway so they'll run out of breath eventually to come back around as allies too. Lehecheya..hanta yo! Things may get hard before people start to see you the same way your grandma and me and Floyd and Fern do but the elders will come and the people will come around to realize what you are to let you help the way Tunkasila brought you here to help...so no matter how hard things may seem trust Tunkasila's timing, keep passing his truth and keep singing;  All women are holy, all life is sacred brothers and sisters around the world...don't you want to be free? All women are holy...all life is sacred. Open your hearts and let love in...sing this prayer for Peace~ Mita Kuya Oyasin. Tunkasila said to share my name with you in your name as Wanbli Cikala Okiye Winyan for two reasons...one so the eagle would always guide you and two so the elders would know I'm helping you to help them too no matter how far away I may seem I'll always be watchin out for you in dreams and the ancestors and my relatives who are now your relatives as I accept and bless this chanunpa and pray for your book that's gonna help Maka Ina and the lil ones and Leonard get free and find land for the black, white, yellow and red buffalo to get out of those cages, run on sacred land, set the hearts of the people free and bring peace will protect you and your family no matter what. Hetchetu Aloh!"

Karn E. Thiele's 'peace'"Fear or faith? Crutches or Wings? Mystery or mastery? I haven't seen a consciousness this evolved with this much potential to heal and inspire so many above and beyond since I studied with the enlightened masters in India over 60 years ago!"

The special children's 'peace'

" If war is so expensive and freedOM means all free why is it so hard to see how much freedOM can save us?"

" Can we please donate some money from this book to veterans for peace. They've seen what war really is and does...not like people who just see movies or play video games...so that means they can help 'peace' things together"

" God please help all the politicians to stop acting like dumb politicians and start being the good mommies and daddies you put them here to be to make decisions from their hearts so the Earth and All her children won't have to suffer and can know true FreedOM again"

Wiyagaskawin/ Tate's 'peace'

" Baby girl you've sacrificed so much to help others already at such an early age...Your Life Is your Sundance and you're gonna write a book about it that's gonna bring so much hope, health, help and peace even the president is going to read it and ask to meet you to say thank you. You can't call the book My Life Is My Sundance because a special young man already used that title...I know because I helped raise that young man on the Rosebud. His name is Tate, he was Honorably discharged from the USMC in 61' and been imprisioned since for nothing but the color of his skin, but your book's gonna help people to remember how we All have a 'peace' of the puzzle...even people who seem misunderstood etc. Your book's gonna open people's eyes and warm their hearts and show them how courageous faith and diplomacy, hope and love can 'peace' anything together!" 

The Eastern European elder who's taking the project to the UN's 'peace'

" Who Are you? My father and I were in Russia during the time of the revolution helping to try and 'peace' things together as you say. We sure could have benefitted from a woman with your level of courageous insight and intelligence. Please let me know as soon as your book is published so i can get a copy to my relative at the United Nations and put in a special request for you to come speak ASAP!"

Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim's 'peace' 

"Keep writing and passing these joyous words through your heart. The people need to hear them now more than ever"

Tenzin Dhonden's 'peace'

"I am grateful the Rinpoche had courage to recognize you as Lama. This Green Tara Empowerment will help, Please don't give up on Rinpoche or missing child no matter what"


Book Testimonials

* They oughta call it Autobiography of a Yogini in Moccasins* K. Thiele Founder of Harmony Hills Life Center

* Wow * D. Carlson President of Inga Lami International

* What an honor * Bob Ballard President of Hearts of Fire

* Very Interesting * Sensei Thomas

* This project has my full spiritual support* The Dalai Lama's cousin

* Your Grandma was right...if anything can shift things that need to shift to 'peace' it together, get Leonard freed etc* it's this book!" Grandma Lily

Healing Testimonials

"Your gentle suggestions as alternatives saved my lil one from having to take harsh prescriptions and they're even doing better in school, thank you." Jana San Diego, Ca

"The Reiki massage you did not only helped to heal my injury faster but helped me to feel even stronger for the next competition. Obrigado!" Jose Braziliian Jiu Jitsu

"Wow I'm not sure what you did exactly but I been suffering from PTSD since Nam and now I'm sleeping like a baby...no more nightmares. Bless you." J.A. Retired USN

"It means so much that you would train me in Reiki when everyone else laughed because I am visually impaired. You using puffy paints etc was brilliant. I cant wait to see how many others you help through the Lyon's Club and beyond" Linda K

"My husband I were trying to conceive forever. When we heard about your miracle baby we weren't sure what to think or expect. You didn't coddle us, or make unrealistic promises, you just helped us work through our issues from a tough but compassionate place Together and now we couldn't be any more proud as parents...thank you."

"I had faith in your Grandpa's medicine and I have faith in yours which is why you were the only medicine person I called to help in the hospital. Thanks for not only coming to pray but making sure the staff was good to me and helping me be well enough to go home the next day" Harry R Chippewa Elder

"Your bully prevention presentation was amazing. We didn't know the Whole school was going to show up and you welcomed everyone. The kids are still talking about it and can't wait for you to come back." Mrs R Parkview School

"It means everything that you helped to free that young Marine. I can't wait to see what you do to help the Grandfather one too. Semper Fi" Joe USMC


Stay tuned for the Next 'peace' of the Diplomacy Project entitled:

"Grin n Bare it Or Enlighten~Up and Share It: An Earth Wisdom Reiki Guide to Surviving 2018 and Beyond

Infinite blessings and Peace











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