Miracles Are Happening Now ~ Welcomes you*

Hello, han, hola. namast'e, shalom, bonjour, ciao, and aloha! Hekele Nakini is featured above with Gene Lanto Khufu Sa Ra Paravarti Napol a dear friend, teacher, respected Ka'huna and RN who trusted her to carry on his Integrated Therapies practice in Southern California and beyond. After having conceived her miraculous daughter, despite years having been told she was infertile, Hekele was then blessed to receive her Reiki Master attunement and training from the honorable Ka'huna while she was pregnant! in ways that not only blessed her with an easy birth etc, but enabled her to help others to continue to birth their children, hopes and dreams with grace, ease, Joy and least effort as well.


* All wisdom traditions agree that miracles happen the fastest when We shift from asking why? to asking how*


How we may be of service?

How we may utilize our gifts?

How we may spread even more Joy in speaking our peace?

And most of all, how we may feel even more supported...above and beyond seeming adversity, challenges, dis-ease, opposition etc?


Miracles are happening Every Where and Every Day to Everyone in Every Way. Focussing on miracles to heal the Earth and or bring needed support for you and yours is always easier with heart centered support,as what comes from the heart Always reaches the heart.

So take heart and remember that even the seemingly impossible is Never impossible, it just takes a lil more courageous faith and support to accOMplish*


Meaning that support and heavenly clarity for health, help, hope and peace are only a click or call away~ 

Blessed Be~Namast'e~Mitakuye O'yasin and Aloha




The DiplOMacy Project: Part One: Go Smudge Yourself By: Hekele Nakini 

Hekele Nakini aka HSF Lama Hope is a recognized Emissary of World Peace, Medicine Dreamer, Literary and Verbal Alchemista And Mamasattvah who has spent over a decade working with some of the most respected luminaries and dignitaries of our time including Wanbli Cikala, Wiyagaskawin, Corbin Harney, Nam Pet, Karne E. Thiele, Thomas Renault, The Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden and Gene Lanto Khufu Sa Ra Parvarti Napol. She has been featured as a sacred artist, writer and motivational speaker through The Learning Annex, Awarenes Magazine, Voice of Choices and Reinaissance Indian. She has been creditted with channeling terms and concepts of Dharmic Business Advisment and Transcendental Mediation and was cited with having "the spiritual equivalent of a psychology degree" before being asked to form and facilitate spiritual support groups for the prevention and trancsendance of domestic violence and related issues by a head advocate for the D.A.s office in 2011. 

Next, she was contacted by Gene Lanto Khufu Sa Ra Parvarti Napol whereby he not only echoed Tenzin and the Buddhi Maya Lama's recognition of her as a Lama as well but translated/gifted her name in Hawaiian to support her in stepping up to carry on his Integrated Therapies practice which includes a specialized vein of Earth Wisdom Reiki, color and stone therapy, past life regressions, ancestral mediation, conscious dreaming, lexigrams, OM Elevation nurturing, Medicine Card and Hawaiian Flower readings to name a few elements.

Recently Hekele was approached by one of the head political anchors from CNN asking, "What she would suggest to help turn things around for the better?" ('peace' things together) Knowing how OM is a transcendental mantra which protects, purifies and heals above and beyond age, creed, gender, economic status and even political affiliation and having witnessed how highlighting OM in words like DiplOMacy, cOMpassion, cOMprehension etc supports miracles in coming from heaven to earth, Hekele sat down to pray and write. The first 'peace' of her response, is The DiplOMacy Project Part One, which is being dedicated to several phenOMenal revolutionaries including Tat'e, Grandfather Black Elk, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, Karne Thiele etc* A portion of the proceeds are to benefit Veterans for Peace and The White Buffalo Calf Woman Domestic Violence Shelter.

The book/workbook 'peace' of this DiplOMacy Project has already touched the hearts of so many Before it's even been officially published, it's affectionately being referred to as Autobiography Of A Yogini In Moccasins; as in the female cOMpliment to "Autobiography Of A Yogi" and caught the attention of a Buddhaful Eastern European elder whos father was instrumental in peace talks during the revolution and who's beyond excited about sharing it with her relative at the United Nations to help 'peace' things together there as well just like Hekele's grandfather and many other respected elders predicted.

While Hekele has been blessed to learn from and teach many amazing dignitaries and luminaries from all of the world over the past two decades from DC to Nepal and beyond, calling her She Who Remembers, Medicine Heart, Buffalo Woman Singing, Corazon Segrado (Sacred Heart), Annavae ( Beam of Light) Speranza/Espoir, Spodivatsaya, and every other translation for hope you can think of, saying hope is the Only thing stronger than fear; she and her daughter's journey has not been without unconscionable tribulations mainly from ignor-ant and or misogynistic oppositions and worse trying to say she is too young, too old, too female, too quiet, too passionate, too gifted, too humble, too outspoken, too pale and or too muti-cultural to even make a difference despite sacred and or vajra intel having been entrusted to her by integral elders and High Lamas who sense otherwise.

So can a humble diplOMacy project inspired by a song a Native American Grandfather passed to his granddaughter as a recognized Mamasattvah etc. highlighted with higher wisdom relayed by some very special children re: life, politics and the pursuit of All-inclusive FreedOM and happiness reach the UN and beyond to help 'peace' things together like the VIP from CNN and so many others are hoping and praying for, Before things get Any worse?

With your prayers and help...Absolutely!  


Especially since we have All been blessed with a special, timely and Irreplaceable 'peace' of the local and global solutions to strive for and achieve better tomorrows...today! But if we don't All feel supported to speak/share our peace...how can and will we be able to 'peace' anything together while there is still time?...and if not now, Zen when? 


*Remember D(h)arma is only ever one h as the missing 'peace' above and beyond frustrating drama...whether you choose to see that h as healing, hope, humor, honor, humanity, honesty, humbleness etc. The mOMent you find the missing h and plug it in to the equation Miracles Happen* and you can and will be able to shift any situation given Or chosen from handicapping drama to healing and liberating Dharma at the speed of Light...you*ll see.




Hekele is available for:

Earth Wisdom Reiki Instruction and Sessions

Integral/ Affordable Angel Card Readings

Holistic Respite

Hands On and Distance Healing and Instruction

Custom Meditation 'Peaces'* (murals, drums, cloaks, regalia, jackets, etc.)

DiplOMacy Project Workshops* 

Dharmic Business Advisement/ IncOMparable Motivational Coaching (IC)

Indigenous Heart WisdOM Bully Prevention Presentations for

kids, teens and adults

Mamasattvah Reiki Birth Support

Earth Mama, Dreaming Awake and PTSD Support Groups


If we can dream it, we can achieve it!

So...Welcome to The Magick Of decoding Your dreams

If you can hear an eagle, feel the wind through your hair, dry someone's tears, smell a rose etc. in your dream, it's not just a Dream. It's a Medicine Dream that is opening a way for you to be able to help and or heal in the physical as well. Many people have already been experiencing much more vivid and or magical dreams since the New year, wondering why and more importantly how they can decipher those dreams to make the most of 2018 and so forth. This is the year of The High Priestess (wOMen*s Intuition) in which anything we dream of or hope for our highest good and the highest good of humanity is NOW possible. Dreams are a magical language which have always transcended age, creed, gender, politics etc. while uniting And inspiring human kind above and beyond. We all have dreams, whether they are night/day dreams or even simply whispers in our heart as to how to create better tomorrows today. The elders say dreams are often wiser than waking. So imagine being able to talk through your dreams and speak your peace in a way that ensures heavely clarity, motivational support and hope are just a heartbeat away~

Hekele has been featured in radio and print as in Inspirational Coach (IC) who specializes in not only interpreting but helping people to empower their dreams with grace, ease, Joy and least effort. Dreams are rarely what they seem; like the one we've all had about ending up somewhere in our 'birthday suit' etc, but they always hold a key to lift us above and beyond in some way when we're willing to take the time to listen and apply their wisdom in faith.

Got dreams? Curious what they're trying to tell you? Or maybe you're even looking for a refreshing idea or speaker for your next show, event etc. Either way there are no coincidences just miracles waiting to happen; whereby the only futile questions are the ones that never get asked...

So feel free to email: hekele.nakini@aol.com to speak your peace And in-joy so you can peace the rest and best together Zen spend the rest of your day, night etc feeling glad you did:)










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